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Piotr Król




Piotr Król is founder and embedded systems consultant at 3mdeb. He has 9
years of experience both with corporate, small business and freelance
type of environment.
He received his master's degree in Computer Systems Networking and
Telecommunications from Technical University of Gdańsk. He started his
career as Intel Technology employee in storage validation division,
where he built validation framework and faced first hardware “features”.
After 3 years he moved to BIOS Software Engineer position where he
worked with modern server platforms. He proudly evangelized use of open
source tools, supported FSP development, fixed ME/AMT related issues and
worked with Option ROMs loading. After 7 years he left Intel and founded
3mdeb - brand dedicated to hardware makers who wants to keep their
systems secure and up to date. He started to maintain coreboot for PC
Engines platforms and serve consulting services in area of coreboot,
UEFI/edk2, BSPs, embedded systems and software. Over 2 and a half years
3mdeb supported 36 customers from 13 countries and grew to 10 employees.
In September 2016 Piotr started his role as a part time CTO in vitroTV
company creating full-stack secure digital signage experience. Piotr’s
goals are providing quality, upgradable, secure and, as much as
possible, open firmware for embedded systems. Feel free to reach him
using piotr(dot)krol(at)3mdeb(dot)com